Lac du Der (2015), France

If you have read about our first trip to Lac du Der then you may want to see some more pictures.

Cranes stream in during a glorious sunset.
They come in wave after wave and these are the true sky colours.
30000 Cranes is not an unusual number for the area.
This Firecrest proved difficult to shoot – always on the move but a bit of patience was rewarded.
“what’s your problem?”
Rafts for Common Tern presumably
The lake is very large, several miles end to end.

Lac du Der is well worth a visit and may well be a place you will return to time and again.

Several years ago inb late summer we returned from the Jura in eastern France and drove through the Lac du Der area to have a quick picnique lunch. We were pleased to find a great reed warbler and many hobbies one of which flew parallel to my car window at the same height about 15 metres away for about 10 seconds.  Could not stop that time though – had a ferry to catch.

If any one wants a good recommendation for bed and breakfast try:  Mr et Mme Didier Krompholtz.

Chambres d’Hôtes du Gros Chêne
Tel : 06 32 66 30 87
This is a couple of miles from the lake but the surrounding area fills with cranes each day.