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Always nervous - a Sparrow Hawk may be around. I built a small pool with a water burble.  All kinds of birds love it.  The drink and wash regularly and it provides great photographic opportunities. Chicks look so vulnerable when first out of the nest.  They are, the number of cats in our neighbourhood means many are lost.
A female blackbird sunning herself in the garden.


These two blackbirds must have been very hungry and picked a fight on our lawn.  The frozen conditions and difficulty in finding food had led them to the larder in our garden.  We had kept the pond pump running to provide fresh water for drinking and washing.  Even in temperatures of minus 7 deg C all the garden birds were washing regularly.
My wife could not watch any longer and separated these two.  The female who most of the time was getting the rougher end of the stick stayed for a few minutes to recover her breath.