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      Bee Fly



My wife was trying to revive this chap with some honey and water.  He seems to be having a go at it but I am afraid he did not make it.  Mind you I must look up how long they live, probably only a day or so anyway and I had noticed it hovering outside the previous day.
I have not found out the usual life of the adult yet but they are quite interesting and are are a bit of a problem for solitary bees.  They hover over the hole of the solitary bee and drop eggs into the nest.  The grubs then predate on the lava of the solitary bees.  April is a great time to see them in Britain.  This one - Bombylius major - is one of many species.
When I first saw these I thought they were a form of Humming Bird Hawk Moth since they perform in just the same way.